A couple of videos from the recent live gig with Dream Radio at Larry’s Corner. Check out some more songs on Youtube, and a bunch of clips on Instagram (mikaelkarlssonmusic).


Our version of "Den blomstertid nu kommer". We recorded this rather improvised arrangement several years ago, but I decided to post it now. It's that time of the year. Enjoy!


Promos for latest Dream Radio EP On This Day (release date June 28, 2019):

Promo for Dream Radio release Roseman Bridge, 1965 (release date January 18, 2019):

Preview for latest Dream Radio release Music from a play (release date July 25, 2018): 

Trailer for new solo project Dream Radio: 

Trailer for Dream Radio debut album We let go (release date April 27, 2018): 



Check out the live videos from the release of Mest ibland tistlar (Allan Pettersson's Barfota songs). Album released by Tröstlösa Records. The gig took place on May 29, 2016. Thanks to Olympiateatern for having us, and thanks to David Storm for filming as well as mixing and mastering the audio for the videos! To pick up your own copy of the album, please visit Tröstlösa Records' online store.

Who wouldn't wanna see videos of me working on my jazz chops?! Yeah, I thought so. Here's a first, over the changes to Ol' Man River. 

In this section I will post videos of live looping sessions. Some will be spontaneous recordings of completely improvsed stuff, some will be first ideas and early drafts, and some will be more in the form of performances of fully developed songs or things that involve live guitar looping elements as part of the composition. Check out a first one here, a quick run down of an idea that I will probaly develop into something more soon. Be sure to subscribe to @skyfieldsmusic on Youtube to stay updated!  



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